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    Live your dreams and stop comparing yourself to others!

    We’ve all known and been through phases of transition. How come they are so scary and so painful? Beyond the leap into the unknown, what hurts most is the way we instinctively compare ourselves to others. And it’s precisely this uncertainty that feeds an artist’s career; they are living examples of doubt on a daily basis. And they must overcome it if they are to create anything. Luciole is a singer-songwriter. She tells us how an artist oversteps uncertainty to reach the light of creativity.

    Luciole France

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    Decrypting the new economy using 3 non-trade flows

    The current world economy does not limit itself to the exchanges of goods and of money transfers.The new technologies offer to the non-trade exchanges a ground of expression of a new flow in the history of the humanity. Duc Ha Duong suggests us deciphering the economy of the digital era by means of a new prism through which we can refocus our lives.

    Duc Ha Duong Vietnam

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    And you, what's the meaning of your journey?

    The Hymn of the Birds of the mystic poet of Persian language Attâr, gives the opportunity to Khojesta Ebrahimi to speak to us of the meaning of the journey and more particularly about exile.

    Khojesta Ebrahimi Afghanistan

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    Welcome to Mars

    During this didactic and inspiring talk, Jean-Jacques Juillet explains us the journey to the Red Planet on the occasion of the launch of the Exomars mission. Jean-Jacques Juillet is a manager of European programs for the scientific satellites, exploration and observation of the Earth at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes.

    Jean-Jacques Juillet France

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    Life under the water: there is somebody intelligent there below

    In the world of cartoons, animals walk and talk and act like humans. Jim Toomey, author of the daily comic strip “Sherman’s Lagoon,” provides a cartoonist’s perspective on animal intelligence and how in many ways it might be superior to our own. In particular, he talks about the ocean animals he features in his comic strip and what makes them interesting to him as a storyteller and artist.

    Jim Toomey USA